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Safe Use Of Technology

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New technology can be a great – unfortunately it can also be dangerous if you are in an abusive relationship.

It is essential to take steps to protect yourself:

  • Change your accounts and passwords – even if you do not think that your abuser knows the details.
  • Change mobile numbers – it may be a hassle but it is better to be safe.
  • Be cautious when putting anything about yourself online – do not include private information, including –
    • Address or location – be aware that social networks can automatically post your location. This is called ‘Locality Functionality’ and you can turn it off in your settings.
    • Phone numbers
    • Identifiable dates
    • Photographs that give away personal information

Even very innocent comments and photographs could put you in danger.

Remember it is not only you who may give information away regarding your location, personal life and activities.  Make sure your friends and family are equally cautious about anything they put on the internet.